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What is a Firewall

A firewall is a network security tool used to filter traffic coming through and going from your computer device. It carefully analyzes traffic packets using established rules and blocks suspicious or unsecured traffic from reaching your network. Firewalls act as the middleman police guarding your Internet security, preventing hackers and viruses from getting to you.

Firewalls intercept traffic at a computer’s entry point, namely ports. Ports are used by computers to exchange information with external devices. To your computer, an external device is identified by its IP address. Think of IP addresses as your house number, and the specific port is your room number. Different applications use different ports to exchange data. Network administrators could derive a lot of useful information from analyzing the ports being used for communication.

Firewalls can be a software program installed on your computer or a physical device that you install between your local network and the gateway. The simplest firewall acts as a proxy between you and the data source. The proxy hides your true identity as well as do packet filtering to prevent dangerous content from getting to you.

A next-generation firewall is a state of the art firewall that incorporates stateful packet inspection with other features such as URL filtering, SSL traffic monitor, sandboxing, or intrusion prevention system. Usually, with an advanced firewall, you can specify rules on who is allowed to do what. Next-generation firewalls are capable of inspecting encrypted SSL traffic that is often used by seasoned hackers to bypass normal firewalls.

Some popular firewall vendors include Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, or Checkpoint. If your server is not currently configured with the latest firewall technology, do not hesitate to ask for help from Globo.Tech. Our experienced technical experts can help you from choosing an appropriate firewall that meets your needs to installing and managing that firewall so that you can have peace of mind to focus on your main business.

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