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pfSense Benefits

Prevention is always betting than treatment, and cybersecurity is no exception. In the age when cyber attacks become so popular, it’s better to protect your server or network before an attacker gets to you and manages to cause damages. pfSense is a free open source firewall that has gained popularity recently due to its powerful features.

===Why Is pfSense Popular?===

First of all, pfSense is completely free. It has an open-source codebase that many developers are continuously working on to identify vulnerability and fix it. pfSense is also highly scalable. As your traffic increases, your server needs more resources to serve users and also protect itself, pfSense has built-in infrastructure to cope with such increased traffic.

pfSense has support for remote connectivity, network routing, stateful firewall, VPN, extensive monitoring graphs and many more. pfSense can act as a firewall that impose security rules over a private network. pfSense also has an extensive plugin system that you can download to extend the functionality of the application.

===Choose the Right pfSense Configuration===

pfSense comes with a feature rich web interface that is very beginner-friendly. To secure the system, consider restricting Admin access to only the people you trust. Apply common security practices such as strong password, IP filtering, session logging, etc.

If possible, consider blocking unencrypted traffic which is often an easy channel for carrying out attacks. Unmonitored internal network access can pose a potential threat because the attacker could be an insider, or if he manages to break through the external firewall. Strengthen your internal network security by enforcing port filtering.

Keep your pfSense updated is strongly recommended. An outdated firewall is an easy target for hackers. It’s easy and fast to update pfSense through the web interface and console.

Back up your pfSense firewall rules periodically just in case of a system crash. Each network is different, and it’s a time-consuming process to get started from scratch.

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